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The Wedding of Holly and Chris

\"\"After making sure that our grandson was safely tucked in his bed on Thursday (after his tonsillectomy), Dave and I headed off to Tennessee to the wedding of our niece, Holly. We traveled halfway and stopped outside of Knoxville for the night. aside:At the Holiday Inn Express, we slept on one of the most comfortable beds of our lives. If I could have figured out a way to get that mattress in our car, trust me, I would have done it.

We arrived in Nashville Friday afternoon. The festivities began that evening with a ballgame and cookout, courtesy of Chris and Holly. Don\’t even ask me who played. I was just there hanging out with my family, and enjoying the daylights out of myself.

Saturday started off with breakfast with my two sisters. Judy had to leave after that to get ready for the evening, and Veniva and I hung out. Yes, I said V E N I V A (Short story, very funny, I\’ll tell you in another blog). I caught up with hubby around lunchtime, and we spent the rest of the day together, until time to leave for the mansion.

Before you know it, it was time for the wedding. It was outside, the weather was perfect, the service was beautiful. The people were beautiful. My sister looked like a statuesque goddess. Holly was stunning in her wedding gown and looked so much like her mother coming down the aisle, I could have cried. Amber, my other niece, and the maid of honor, was as beautiful as a person could be, and she looked so happy. The groom was in his uniform, and in case I haven\’t said it lately, I think men in uniform are very cool. God bless our military.

My sweet hubby performed the ceremony, and it went off without a hitch. Hmm, wrong word. Okay, then, it went off WITH a hitch–Chris and Holly.

Actually, Chris and Holly were already married. They had a very small ceremony in their home in December 2007, just before Chris was deployed overseas. But they wanted to have a big, formal ceremony to share with their friends the commitment they have made to love each other for the rest of their lives. They did it in real style, and I, for one, will not forget the joy of that day.

God bless you, Holly and Chris. May you always be as full of joy with each other as you were on this very special day.






2 responses to “The Wedding of Holly and Chris”

  1. Paula Titus Avatar

    Sounds like a great time, and I always appreciate a man in uniform too. 🙂 I haven’t been to a wedding in so long I forget what it feels like.

  2. Holly and Chris Avatar

    We love you and Dave! Thank you for coming and sharing that special time with us and all that you did to make it such a wonderful time! We hope to see you again soon!

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