I Don’t Want to Lose My Independence

Someday, i will be a really old woman (if the Lord so wills), and i will be dependent upon people. Because i have a fiercely independent nature, i don’t think this will be an easy journey for me. As a matter of fact, I recently got a small taste of having to depend upon other folks. We sold my car to our daughter, leaving us with only one car. So hubby would drop me off and work and come back and get me at the end of the day. I had to get someone to take me to church, the… Continue reading


I needed my husband this evening. It’s been a stressful day, finding out that my work hours had been cut, which will mean a good bit of belt-tightening for a while. I’m up for that; we can make it, but I so wish my husband had been here to be with me when I got home. Instead, he was at the hospital sitting with a family whose loved one was in surgery. It’s what pastors do, and I don’t begrudge him that one bit, nor do I begrudge the family wanting him there. It’s just that every now and then,… Continue reading

My Grandsons Said….

The boys ate lunch with us a couple weeks ago. Halfway through his plate, Nate said he was done with his food and full. Not many minutes later, he asked for ice cream. “I thought you said you were full?” I questioned him. “That was the good food part of me,” he said. “The dessert part is still hungry.” !! And then Sunday morning on the way to church, Phil asked me why my hair was short. (he already knows what he likes, i guess). “I like my hair short,” I told him. “Well, you need to get a wig,… Continue reading


Dave’s mom moved into a new home. She’s almost 80 and this hasn’t been easy for her. One thing she did in this move is downsize, and she gave several pieces of furniture to Dave and me. This is a good thing for us, because 8 years of little boys in our home have pretty much finished off what furniture we did have. So I spent a good portion of today arranging furniture. That was fun, but it was also tiring and aggravated my arthritis. A nice shower and some downtime on the computer, AND a couple of Tylenol…now, I’m… Continue reading


Phil is the middle grandson. He is a little sweetie, most of the time. When I picked the boys up for church this week, Phil said he wanted to come and live at my house. It seems that one of his favorite toys had gotten broken and he was mad at the person who broke it, and felt that if he came and lived with us, his stuff wouldn’t get broken. I laughingly told him he couldn’t come live with us. Jenni’s boyfriend, D, popped his head into the room and suggested that Phil just go ahead and pack his… Continue reading