The weekend is here. Dave and I have decided to try and spend one-on-one time with the grandsons, rather than have them all here at once. We are at the age that all of them at once is a bit overwhelming–the noise level and the activity level are off the charts! So tonight Nate is spending the night with us. Tomorrow night Phil will be here and then Sunday afternoon we will have AJ until about supper time. We love these boys. They are precious, and we are blessed. God is good.

Happy New Year!

Another quiet day at the Wood household. Dave and I slept until around 9 this morning, which is VERY late for me. We picked up number 1 grandson, Nate, and took him to his favorite place to eat (K&W–can you believe that?). While there, I noticed a little twinge in my “gut”. Having had three sick grandsons and one sick daughter since Friday last week, I got a bit worried, especially when all of a sudden the blood drained from my head and into my stomach and began a mighty big churning. We decided we should get out of the… Continue reading

Christmas 2008

This has been a very different Christmas season from any Dave and I have experienced in our 32 years together. For the first time since I was pregnant with our son, Josh, Dave and I were in our home, by ourselves on Christmas morning. For the first time, our daughter and her family were living in a different location. For the first time since their births, the grandsons all woke up in their own home and ran excitedly to see what was under the tree in their home. Honestly, Dave and I weren’t sure how we were going to like… Continue reading

Let’s Pretend

so last night our daughter picked up grandson #1 around midnight. hubby couldn’t sleep because he had taken a 3-hr nap earlier and was wide awake. i was very tired, because i had been doing stuff all evening and had not taken a break. so after nate left, we went to bed. so hubby decides he wants to snuggle and talk. so far, so good. then he decides to play a game of ‘pretend.’ him: let’s pretend we are marooned on an island (just watched Castaway), and we are sleeping on the beach. we’re covered with coconut leaves (?). there… Continue reading