Friends Are Friends Forever (or Should Be)

A couple of weeks ago, after connecting with each other other on Facebook, I got together with four other of my classmates from the class of ’72 (North Davidson High School). We spent a fun couple of hours catching up with each other and had a really great time. This event worked right in conjunction with one of my great desires these days–to reconnect with PEOPLE. I had made a list of things I’d like to accomplish before I get too old to do anything–write, visit Costa Rica, travel with my husband, etc. But most important to me, on a… Continue reading

Mother’s Day

I’m glad Mother’s Day is past. It’s not that my children don’t love me or anything, but I think expectations can be so high about what might happen, and then what doesn’t happen… I don’t know–the hype is just too much. It was a weird day for me. I’m glad it’s over. That’s all.

missing people

Recently on a fun little questionnaire on Facebook, the question was asked, “Who do you miss?” I thought about that, and honestly, after thinking about it, realized I don’t really miss people and that’s the response I wrote to the question. Now, let me explain, coz I’ve already gotten myself in trouble because of that answer. I have extended family that I see maybe twice a year, sometimes three. I love these family members and I’m always glad to see them. While I don’t sit around missing them the rest of the times I don’t see them, I realize when… Continue reading

I Don’t Want to Lose My Independence

Someday, i will be a really old woman (if the Lord so wills), and i will be dependent upon people. Because i have a fiercely independent nature, i don’t think this will be an easy journey for me. As a matter of fact, I recently got a small taste of having to depend upon other folks. We sold my car to our daughter, leaving us with only one car. So hubby would drop me off and work and come back and get me at the end of the day. I had to get someone to take me to church, the… Continue reading


I needed my husband this evening. It’s been a stressful day, finding out that my work hours had been cut, which will mean a good bit of belt-tightening for a while. I’m up for that; we can make it, but I so wish my husband had been here to be with me when I got home. Instead, he was at the hospital sitting with a family whose loved one was in surgery. It’s what pastors do, and I don’t begrudge him that one bit, nor do I begrudge the family wanting him there. It’s just that every now and then,… Continue reading