Christmas 2008

This has been a very different Christmas season from any Dave and I have experienced in our 32 years together. For the first time since I was pregnant with our son, Josh, Dave and I were in our home, by ourselves on Christmas morning. For the first time, our daughter and her family were living in a different location. For the first time since their births, the grandsons all woke up in their own home and ran excitedly to see what was under the tree in their home. Honestly, Dave and I weren’t sure how we were going to like… Continue reading

Let’s Pretend

so last night our daughter picked up grandson #1 around midnight. hubby couldn’t sleep because he had taken a 3-hr nap earlier and was wide awake. i was very tired, because i had been doing stuff all evening and had not taken a break. so after nate left, we went to bed. so hubby decides he wants to snuggle and talk. so far, so good. then he decides to play a game of ‘pretend.’ him: let’s pretend we are marooned on an island (just watched Castaway), and we are sleeping on the beach. we’re covered with coconut leaves (?). there… Continue reading


i can’t believe it’s been so long since my last post. and life has certainly not been standing still during that time. do you believe that it will be Christmas in TWO weeks? i have to admit, i sure wish life would slow down just a tad. but, with church activities, full-time work, family responsibilities, etc., there doesn’t appear to be a slowing down point in the near future. it’s all a part of the construction, you know? every experience brings new teaching, new focus, a better understanding of who God is and how He is working in my life…. Continue reading

About that Foot

After 10 days of a swollen, bruised, painful foot, I went to my foot doctor. They x-rayed my foot and found that one of the bones has a hairline fracture. So they wrapped up my foot with a medicated bandage, which I have to wear for two days. Then I have to wear a “boot” for two weeks. I was a little concerned that they were gonna want to do something like stick a needle in my foot or something. I was NOT looking forward to that. Anyway… that’s the update on the foot situation. Of course, this means that… Continue reading

New Construction Under Way

We never stop growing, you know? No matter what our age or life experience, God always has new ‘stuff’ for us; sometimes it’s really fun stuff, sometimes it’s not so fun. I wouldn’t classify my last few weeks as fun, by any stretch. Beginning in June, when I found out that the company I work for had been sold, along with its employees, to minor surgery, to my daughter moving out of our home and taking our three grandsons with her, it’s just been … challenging. Over a weekend I went from being an office manager and running an office… Continue reading