The Comfort of God

“The problem with God isn’t that He has been tried and found wanting, it is that He has been wanting to be tried.  People who could find all of the peace, solace and strength they could ever need and more hit bottom because they refuse to ask God for the help He willingly and lovingly offers.” – Jerry Godsey, Third Option Men (posted on Over the years God has grown me through various trials. It’s no secret that trials aren’t fun, even when you have the assurance that with God’s leading you will come out the other side. It has… Continue reading

The Weight of Tearlessness

I have read a couple of great blog posts from friends the last couple of days. Both spoke about the need to face our struggles and rely on God to help us. One friend jokingly said, “If only there were calories in tears.” I responded to her, “Tears take a different sort of weight off.” As I have thought about that today, I’ve realized that where I encourage others to have a good cry every now and then, I don’t really take my own advice. Sometimes I feel that if I began to cry over some of the things my… Continue reading

This is What I Want (aka Pipe Dreams)

‎1. all news stations are biased, and if you don’t believe that, then your eyes are not open 2. every politician lies, otherwise NO ONE would ever be elected based on what they really plan to do when they get in office (point in case–every president, congressman, senator, governor, etc., that this country has ever had) 3. good leadership makes a leader good 4. being a successful businessman should not be a negative, and since our government (all of whom we need to fire and start over) runs our country like a business, maybe we need someone who knows how… Continue reading

A Call to Christian Young Men

I chaperoned a recent trip taken by our church’s youth group and had the privilege of transporting two pre-teen boys in my car. One of the boys was my grandson, and the other was the son of one of our church men, who is a good ol’ boy and fine Christian man. From the conversations we had for those many hours we traveled, it became apparent that this youth considers his dad to be his hero; in fact, he said as much. The dad is a hard-working man, doing whatever he needs to do to take care of his family. Some of… Continue reading

Senior Moments

Mama noticed that Shelton had left his phone on the table when he went outside the other day. It’s how they communicate with one another, so she decided she would call him and let him know his phone was in the house. … wait, it gets better… Shelton didn’t answer the first time, so she called him a second time, during which time she realized she was calling the phone on the table. A few minutes later Shelton came in. Mama was going to tell him what she’d done, so she said, “I tried to call you…” he cut her… Continue reading