Intensity. The title of the first book I ever read by Dean Koontz. And the story matched the title. But that’s not the intensity to which I refer in this blog. In case I never mentioned this before, I have three grandsons. Oh, I did mention that? Sorry. Anyway, the three of them are very different. Little man Andre is spoiled, and even though he rarely gets his way by doing so, he still screams us into insanity on a regular basis, hoping against hope that this time we will let him have his way. Philip, my middle man, has… Continue reading

I’m Sorry, What Did You Say? I Was Reading….

When I was very young, I remember my aunt reading to me and trying to teach me the alphabet. She was only two years older than I, but I still remember her little self being the teacher. Other than that, I don’t remember anyone ever reading to me as a child (if you remember differently, sisters, please let me know). It didn’t stop me though, and I began my life-long love affair with books in the third grade. That was the year I discovered Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House on the Prairie books in our school library. The library at… Continue reading

Toby Mac and God things…..

Took grandson number one to the Toby Mac concert last night. It is part of his Christmas gift this year. We were both excited as coud be, and doubly so because I had been able to get us seats on the floor. On the way into the Coliseum, Nate scooped up a piece of paper lying on the ground. It turned out to be someone’s ticket. We checked the name and planned to leave it at the ticket window on our way in. A few seconds later we saw this guy walking out the doors and down the sidewalk. “Nate,”… Continue reading

…And God said, “Wait.”

In 2007 my work-life changed. In a month’s time, I went from being the office manager of a business to being a member of a corporation where my particular position of “all-around, every aspect of the job” did not exist…and I became a customer service representative. Now, don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing disrespectful about being a csr; it requires a particular skill set if you intend to be good at your job. Honestly, I think I did okay in that position. There was just one problem… I hated it. Pure and simple. Hated. It. I won’t go… Continue reading