For Jenni

Ten years ago my daughter became a mother. Today she has three sons ages 10, 7, and 4. They each have their own special personality, and they are all active little boys! Some nights their granddaddy and I watch them for Jenni, and love them as much as we do, by the end of most of those evenings, we are exhausted. However, this article is not about me; it’s about my daughter, the mother of three little boys. When Jenni brought Nate home from the hospital ten years ago, she was only 19 years old. I can remember walking into… Continue reading

Seasons Come and Seasons Go

Our daughter had her first child when she was 19, her second child three years later, and her last child two years after that. Because she is a single mom and needed help with the boys while she worked, she lived with us. Honestly, that didn’t really work all that well. From her perspective, it was as if she were still a child living at home with her parents. We had our share of disagreements (at least a hundred thousand or so). The living situation just wasn’t the best, because the tension of adults very loudly sharing their different perspectives… Continue reading

Resolutions, Smesolutions!

For the past several years, my husband has asked me the same question, “What resolutions have you made for the New Year?” My answer has consistently been, “None.” Seriously, if I could remember the last time I actually kept even one resolution, I might consider making new ones. The simple fact is that I have begun many a January 1 with a list of resolutions for the year, all of which have been broken by January 2. So forget it. And the list is almost exactly the same every year. I could just pull out my list from ten years… Continue reading

Papa, The “What If’s” Pushed Me Out of Bed!

Why is it that the “What If’s” wait until bedtime to show up? I sit in my chair and fall asleep watching t.v. I wake up to find I’ve missed the most important last few minutes of the show and now I don’t know if he did it or not or if he was convicted if he did it. So I drag myself to bed and IMMEDIATELY the “What If’s” join me in the bed. “What if someone hurts one of my grandchildren?” “What if one of my family members gets arrested?” “What if someone steals the volleyball goal or… Continue reading


Over the years, we have made some forever friends, and many of them come from the church hubby pastored for almost nine years in Roanoke Rapids, NC. These were the kind of friends who just popped over for a visit. Sometimes they even brought with them a meal or–even better–a dessert. We studied together at the church and at home Bible studies. Our kids played and went to camp together. We had some particularly fun New Year’s Eve services (oh, man, did we laugh!). When we moved to a new church, these friends spent two days helping us pack and… Continue reading