The Skin of Their Teeth

More and more, I encounter folks who say, “I am a Christian,” but who live with both feet firmly planted in the world. God’s Word has no more weight to them than the latest magazine they are reading. His standards are adopted only as they don’t interfere with the lifestyle they’ve chosen for themselves. They pick and choose what aspects of God’s character they will believe. Several times over the last few months, I have been frustrated to find friends and family members alike who say they are Christians, but who are practicing sinful lifestyles–mostly in the area of sexual… Continue reading

Graduate Sunday

Today was Graduate Sunday at our church. As the youth leader, this is my fourth set of kids who are graduating out of youth group and headed to college group. Today also marked the last of the kids I started with in the youth group five years ago. As well, today marked the last time I will graduate kids out of the youth group. See, I’ve made the decision to move into another area of ministry with the end of this church year. For years, I have had a desire to have an active ministry among women. Five years ago… Continue reading

In Memory of Kay

Got a text message from a friend saturday that said, “kay m– had massive stroke. not expected to live.” What? Wait a minute, did i read that right? My friend, kay, was going to die? How could that be? She’s only a few years older than me. She has kids (5, to be exact) and grandkids. She has a husband who adores her. What about her friends, her church…..? This can’t be right–kay isn’t really going to die. But, in fact, by saturday evening my dear friend kay was home with Jesus, leaving us all standing in a daze, wondering… Continue reading