i have six followers! how cool is that? pretty soon, i can begin my own kingdom. *wink, wink* well, actually, i have five followers. one of those is me, for some reason. i have to remove that. don’t want to “fudge” the numbers. i think my son ought to follow me, don’t y’all? just trying to get some humor in the day before i head off to work. we are getting so slow there that i’ve removed anything personal from my computer there just in case i get the “you have 20 minutes to clean out your desk” speech. i… Continue reading

I Wish I Was as Dedicated as David Wagner

Every day Dave writes something in his blog. It’s usually funny. He has an active imagination, and I never know where his blog will go, but it’s interesting every time. I just can’t always think of what to say. Today I got up, went to work, went to church and taught the youth. Then I had a VBS teachers’ meeting. Then I came home, took some medicine and played on my computer. The End.


My son asked me what I had done last weekend that made it such a good one. I told him I’d done what I wanted to do. He laughed at this, because he knows that is a new thing for me. My weekends used to be full of grandchildren living in the house. Understand that I love my grandchildren with every ounce of my being, but when they lived with us, it was always noisy, it was mostly always messy, and hubby and I had very little privacy. It was different than how we had planned our lives, for sure…. Continue reading