New Construction Under Way

We never stop growing, you know? No matter what our age or life experience, God always has new ‘stuff’ for us; sometimes it’s really fun stuff, sometimes it’s not so fun.

I wouldn’t classify my last few weeks as fun, by any stretch. Beginning in June, when I found out that the company I work for had been sold, along with its employees, to minor surgery, to my daughter moving out of our home and taking our three grandsons with her, it’s just been … challenging. Over a weekend I went from being an office manager and running an office single-handedly to being ‘new,’ knowing nothing, feeling like a nobody, feeling un-needed and unnecessary.

My hubby is being so supportive. He’s also being sensible, which I really need. Yes, really, I do. I’m not being sarcastic. He keeps reminding me that this may be my new mission field. He’s right, of course (he says he’s always right!!). Every place a Christian goes should be considered as an opportunity to witness for the Lord and share the gospel. Can’t do that if I’m pouting. Better stop pouting, then.

On the really bright side, Nate, the oldest grandson, will be living with Dave and me during the school year. He will be in the 2nd grade. His school is only about 5 minutes from our house and about 25 minutes from our daughter’s apartment. It just makes sense that he stay with us.

You won’t believe what I did. I was putting my lunch in the the refrigerator at work on Wednesday and knocked a can of soda off the top shelf. It fell right on the top of my left foot and immediately bruised. By lunch it had swelled to a huge knot on the top of my foot, so that I had to take my shoe off. I’ve worn a sock the last two days. The top of my foot is completely covered with a bruise, and this evening I dropped my floor sweeper on top of the same foot. Ouch! It’s still throbbing.

Saturday will be busy. Two of my youth fellas are coming over to help move the furniture around from upstairs and downstairs. After the big stuff is moved, then I have to put stuff away. Then later I have to keep the boys for jenni while she works that evening. Yep, the day will be busy, but if it’s all moved by bedtime, that will be great!

Enough for now. How’s your life going?

Fanny Packs

Recently my dear hubby and i attended the Meineke Car Care Bowl game in Charlotte, NC. In their stadium brochure, they list what items are acceptable and not acceptable to bring into the stadium. Sure I was within the guidelines of what was acceptable, I willingly opened up my purse for the lady to scan. Then she said to me, “Ma’am, please remove your fanny pack and place it on the table so that I can inspect it.” I looked at her blankly for a second before replying, “I’m not wearing a fanny pack.” She reached over, pulled open my jacket, and took a look. Quietly she said, “I’m sorry, ma’am. My mistake.”

Of all the nerve…..

Quiet Around Here

My daughter is spending a few days with a friend here in town. She has her boys with her, so it’s very quiet in the house. It’s almost so quiet I don’t know what to do with myself. Last night I sat in my chair and snoozed through a couple shows. Tonight, as you can see, I’m playing on the computer.

So this is what life would be like if they didn’t live here–quiet. No noise, no mess, no wild little boys who, at the end of the day, are just so precious to me. It’s good, this few days of quiet and rest. It’ll help me prepare for the chaos that most surely will come when they all return to the house. Perhaps I will find myself to be more patient by the time they get back home. Perhaps they will be different… nah, forget that.

I guess I’ll go fold some clothes or wash some dishes now.

Or maybe I’ll just take a little snooze here in my chair.

Ah, decisions, decisions….

been a while

i haven’t written anything in a while. it’s like my brain is taking a vacation from writing ideas. so what to do? just sit in front of an empty screen? it’s what a lot of folks who write say–no matter what, set aside a time each day to write and STAY there, even if you don’t write anything… so, i’m writing something. happy now?

seriously, i have adopted a new mindset for 2007; LOVE THE LIFE YOU’RE LIVING. does that sound simple to you?

I’m going to use the verse by Paul, “I have learned whatever state I am in to be content.”
(now what state am I in again?)

more on this later.