Things My Son Says

I love my son. He’s just a special guy, extremely intelligent, and loves God with all his heart. In my opinion, he and my husband are two of the smartest guys I have ever known. Josh is involved in a theology discussion board. He freely shares his beliefs, quite often the only person with his particular beliefs. Well, except me and maybe one other person. But he is faithful to his understanding of God’s Word.

Here are just a few comments he has made:

“…don’t become bitter. Somedays you find the edge of bitter and peek over. Just don’t fall.”

“If you have any affection for who you were before Christ, I’m not sure you can compellingly argue that you’ve met Christ.”

“God is not interested in being our equal partner. He’s interested in being our Lord, and having complete reign in our lives.”

“We are not called the be well-rounded humans. We are called to be radical, ridiculous Christians.”

“Not forgiving is entirely selfish. We are saying to God and someone else that we deserve better and we will punish anyone who trespasses against us.”

“Be a Christian. Let your life for Christ define the words – rather than the mistakes or shortcomings of others. Don’t let the culture tell you what a Christian is and then run from that. Say to them, ‘No, this is what a Christian is,’ and then ‘Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.'” (Matthew 5:16 KJV)

“Pretty important [to God] does not necessarily equal “central” or most important. As long as we think we are the center of God’s universe, we will never grasp what it is to have God at the pinnacle of our lives. We are to value what God values. If God values us most, then we are to value us most…………. get it? If God values God most, and we value what God values, then we will value God most.”

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i can’t believe it’s been so long since my last post. and life has certainly not been standing still during that time. do you believe that it will be Christmas in TWO weeks? i have to admit, i sure wish life would slow down just a tad. but, with church activities, full-time work, family responsibilities, etc., there doesn’t appear to be a slowing down point in the near future. it’s all a part of the construction, you know? every experience brings new teaching, new focus, a better understanding of who God is and how He is working in my life.

i read a saying the other day that goes like this: “Everything works out okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.” i like that.

my mom hurt herself really badly today in a fall. she’s in the hospital right now, and i’m not sure how long she will be there, but if you would take a moment to pray for her, i’d so appreciate it. she’s just not in good health, and i hate to see her in such pain all the time.

my daughter and grandsons have moved back in with us for a while. she’s looking for an affordable apartment and a different job. another prayer request, if you please.

so, what has God been constructing in your life these days?

About that Foot

After 10 days of a swollen, bruised, painful foot, I went to my foot doctor. They x-rayed my foot and found that one of the bones has a hairline fracture. So they wrapped up my foot with a medicated bandage, which I have to wear for two days. Then I have to wear a “boot” for two weeks. I was a little concerned that they were gonna want to do something like stick a needle in my foot or something. I was NOT looking forward to that. Anyway… that’s the update on the foot situation.

Of course, this means that all the stuff I had planned for this weekend will now not get done. sigh. I need a maid….

New Construction Under Way

We never stop growing, you know? No matter what our age or life experience, God always has new ‘stuff’ for us; sometimes it’s really fun stuff, sometimes it’s not so fun.

I wouldn’t classify my last few weeks as fun, by any stretch. Beginning in June, when I found out that the company I work for had been sold, along with its employees, to minor surgery, to my daughter moving out of our home and taking our three grandsons with her, it’s just been … challenging. Over a weekend I went from being an office manager and running an office single-handedly to being ‘new,’ knowing nothing, feeling like a nobody, feeling un-needed and unnecessary.

My hubby is being so supportive. He’s also being sensible, which I really need. Yes, really, I do. I’m not being sarcastic. He keeps reminding me that this may be my new mission field. He’s right, of course (he says he’s always right!!). Every place a Christian goes should be considered as an opportunity to witness for the Lord and share the gospel. Can’t do that if I’m pouting. Better stop pouting, then.

On the really bright side, Nate, the oldest grandson, will be living with Dave and me during the school year. He will be in the 2nd grade. His school is only about 5 minutes from our house and about 25 minutes from our daughter’s apartment. It just makes sense that he stay with us.

You won’t believe what I did. I was putting my lunch in the the refrigerator at work on Wednesday and knocked a can of soda off the top shelf. It fell right on the top of my left foot and immediately bruised. By lunch it had swelled to a huge knot on the top of my foot, so that I had to take my shoe off. I’ve worn a sock the last two days. The top of my foot is completely covered with a bruise, and this evening I dropped my floor sweeper on top of the same foot. Ouch! It’s still throbbing.

Saturday will be busy. Two of my youth fellas are coming over to help move the furniture around from upstairs and downstairs. After the big stuff is moved, then I have to put stuff away. Then later I have to keep the boys for jenni while she works that evening. Yep, the day will be busy, but if it’s all moved by bedtime, that will be great!

Enough for now. How’s your life going?

Fanny Packs

Recently my dear hubby and i attended the Meineke Car Care Bowl game in Charlotte, NC. In their stadium brochure, they list what items are acceptable and not acceptable to bring into the stadium. Sure I was within the guidelines of what was acceptable, I willingly opened up my purse for the lady to scan. Then she said to me, “Ma’am, please remove your fanny pack and place it on the table so that I can inspect it.” I looked at her blankly for a second before replying, “I’m not wearing a fanny pack.” She reached over, pulled open my jacket, and took a look. Quietly she said, “I’m sorry, ma’am. My mistake.”

Of all the nerve…..