The Myth of the Empty Nest

Several years ago I wrote about the joys of empty nesting. Less than a year after I wrote that article, the empty nest was interrupted. Had to be done. People’s welfare was at stake. Nine months ago, our nest emptied out again. And just this week we once again gave birth to that baby called empty nest no longer. Because family always comes home. Because life is full of lies we tell ourselves, like someday you will have an empty nest and will be free to travel the world in a camper and have the health to do so! Just… Continue reading

Forever Friends

I asked if you would share about your friends and got a few great responses. As you read, think about that special friend in your life. Perhaps take a moment to give them a call, send an email or message and remind them how special they are to you. Patsy Daniels – My husband is definitely my best friend. He supports my endeavors, encourages me to keep going, praises my successes, and comforts me when I’m down. Gene is my cheerleader in all areas of my life. He loves me despite my shortcomings and goofs. I don’t know how I would… Continue reading