…Also Known as Borrowing Trouble

It used to be that the “what ifs” kept me awake at night. You can read about that here. That doesn’t happen a lot these days, and I find it pretty easy to transition from having slept in my recliner for two or three hours to getting right back to sleep in the bed. Nowadays, sleeplessness shows up at dawn–if dawn arrives at 4am. Waking up that early isn’t so bad. It’s an opportunity to sit in our quiet home and read the Bible and pray. It’s just that the time between that moment my eyes open and when I… Continue reading

My Help Comes From the Lord

(This picture was taken in 2013 when the Forsyth Jail & Prison Ministries’ staff traveled to Israel. We were on the way up to Jerusalem. No matter which direction you travel in Israel, Jerusalem is always up, as it is the highest point in the land. No wonder David chose it as his stronghold.) With all that is happening in the world, as well as the shock waves running through our immediate family, my soul has been drenched in a jumble of emotions, spilling out through my eyes and–not so quietly–through my mouth. Desperation attempts to consume me. It eats… Continue reading

The Color ‘C’ (The Cancer Journals)

***Update July 6, 2029: Discussion with radiologist was fairly positive. She said that if Dave has to have cancer and surgery, he is in the best position for that. She said he is Stage 2 on a cancer scaling; on a Gleason scale he is an 8, but it’s so very early in the process that it’s not some of the grade 8’s that you would read about online (which she told us not to do). He meets with his doctor at the end of July, and they discuss his options again. And then they will schedule his surgery for… Continue reading