It was an answer to prayer. God had confirmed it to me. So why didn’t it work out? …….. Many years ago I read a book written by the wife of a pastor. In the book, she relates the story of when she and her husband were temporarily living with the family of one of their churches. The pastor’s family was very poor and couldn’t even afford to buy stamps for their letters, so she prayed that God would supply her with stamps so that she could send a letter to her parents. One day, shortly after her prayer, their… Continue reading

The Construction of Late

Do you ever go through the emotions that you just aren’t doing it right anymore; that you really aren’t necessary; that if you took a few steps back for awhile, no one would even miss you? I have absolutely no reason to feel that way, but sometimes I do. It’s not so much things others say to me or things they do–it’s more the way I perceive myself in the big picture. A discussion goes bad, and now communications are strained at best and non-existent at worst. Over and over the question arises, “What could I have done to assure… Continue reading

I Wonder

Stephen the deacon was full of the Holy Spirit, and he performed signs and wonders. And he became a target of the same mindset that had already crucified his Savior, Jesus. They set him up the same way they set Jesus up. But he refuted their false testimony by giving them a history lesson about God’s chosen people–Israel. When Stephen got up that morning I bet he didn’t consider that it would be his last day on earth. But it was. Before the day was out, even with his testimony which proved his accusers were wrong about him, the powers… Continue reading

Squished in the Middle

Hubby and I watch the boys every Thursday evening while our daughter goes to night class at the community college. Tonight, we were knee-deep in homework (i hate homework!) and the phone rang. It was my mother, sounding frantic and asking me to come over and take her to the hospital. I asked her where her husband was, and she said he couldn’t take her because he was sick himself. What was wrong with her? She was having muscle spasms all over she said. Immediately my irritated sensor kicked in. She’s been sick with stomach virus a couple days, and… Continue reading