The 80-Year Rule

Several girls in the youth group have “gifted” themselves with a tattoo upon turning 18. They get them on their shoulders, upper back, or neck. Just this weekend, I saw two new tattoos on my girls. “That looks pretty,” I told one of the girls. “And when you are an old woman, it will be really pretty down around your waist.” We all laugh, but come on, girls, we all know exactly where that tattoo is going to end up, right? Later that day, when I was talking to another youth leader about it, she told me that she has… Continue reading

The Boss

(When Nate was four years old) On the way home from church, my 4-year-old grandson asked, “Grandma, when we get home today, can I help daddy mow?” (Daddy is his granddaddy, my husband). “No,” I told him, “we don’t mow on Sundays.” “Why not?” he asked. “Sunday is our day of rest. God doesn’t want us to mow grass today.” “Why do we have to do what God says?” he wondered. “Because God is the boss,” I told him. Huffily, he replied, “God is not the boss!” I questioned him. “Then who is God?” “God is GOD.” “And then who… Continue reading

This Is Not the Life I Requested

When I began my new life in Christ over 30 years ago, I have to admit, I thought it would be different. I’m not sure what I expected—well, that’s not exactly true—I expected my life to smooth itself out. I expected problems to be minimal, if at all. And I expected that–after the totally dysfunctional life in which I’d grown up–I should have a really good life. I thought I “deserved” it. Boy, was I wearing “rose-colored” glasses, or what? Life has pushed, pulled, tossed, ripped and beat me to pieces. People I love have broken my heart and devastated… Continue reading

A Parable

A sheep owner had to go on an extended trip. As he prepared for his journey, his neighbor came to him and said, “Friend, while you are gone, I will take care of your flock for you.” The owner was grateful and accepted his neighbor’s offer of help. Then he went on his way. While he was gone, his neighbor was not faithful to remember his offer to help the owner. He spent much time at the city gates playing “throw the stones.” In the evening when he would come home, the neighbor would pass by the owner’s house and… Continue reading

The Skin of Their Teeth

More and more, I encounter folks who say, “I am a Christian,” but who live with both feet firmly planted in the world. God’s Word has no more weight to them than the latest magazine they are reading. His standards are adopted only as they don’t interfere with the lifestyle they’ve chosen for themselves. They pick and choose what aspects of God’s character they will believe. Several times over the last few months, I have been frustrated to find friends and family members alike who say they are Christians, but who are practicing sinful lifestyles–mostly in the area of sexual… Continue reading