About Claudette

Dave and I have been married since 1976. We have two adult children. Our son, Josh, is married to Melinda, and they are the proud parents of Sammy and Annie. Our daughter, Jenn, is mother to three fine young men–Nate, Phil, and Andre. In July 2021, our first great-grandchild, Foster, was born to Nate–our first grandchild. They keep our life busy, entertained, and exhausted.

Bucket list plans include writing a book (or two) and traveling some of this beautiful country, Alaska being at the top of that travel list.

My one, true, first-and-forever greatest enjoyment is reading. Running a close second is crocheting. But not running–if you ever see me running, you should probably run, too!


Photo taken in 1976 outside our first home in Jacksonville, North Carolina.


2017 we revisited that first house. We don’t live there anymore, but we are still together!

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