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Month: November 2012

  • A Thousand Sleepless Nights, by Michael King

    Hey, folks, if you haven\’t read this book, I would like to encourage you to do so… A Thousand Sleepless Nights is a bittersweet tale of illness–both physical and emotional.  Nena Hutching was determined to keep the land left to her by her father, but she lost her children in the process.

  • Ranting from My Soapbox

    *beginning of rant* I am a follower of Christ by His calling. I am a Baptist by theological choice. I firmly believe that the Bible is the living, active Word of God. I will do my best to defend as honestly as I know how what God\’s Word has to say. I don\’t have a…

  • I Like Me Better When I Focus on YOU

    I have been filling up journals since I first got married (a LONG time ago).  A few of them I plan to burn. While it is interesting to see how I’ve grown over the years, I REALLY don’t like the scared person I used to be. My journals are filled with so many fears about…