Ranting from My Soapbox

*beginning of rant* I am a follower of Christ by His calling. I am a Baptist by theological choice. I firmly believe that the Bible is the living, active Word of God. I will do my best to defend as honestly as I know how what God\’s Word has to say. I don\’t have a seminary degree, but I do have 40 years of experience and growth in Him. I trust Him more than anything a professor at ANY college or seminary can say, because He has proven Himself trustworthy. Smart or not, if it doesn\’t support the WORD, they won\’t get me to agree with them. That is all. *end of rant*


Our thoughts and understanding about God should come from the power of the Holy Spirit as we READ THE WORD. Men cannot completely explain the mystery of God; so much of the Word must be taken on FAITH. When men take away the mystery simply because it makes them uncomfortable, they put God into their little \”box,\” and we do disservice to a Holy God. Hang on the Word, folks. God will explain what we didn\’t understand some day. Not to discount good teaching. But the final word should come from the Holy Spirit. That is all.







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