Vacation …. and Stuff

This is the last full day of a week-long vacation hubby and I had down here at Emerald Isle. It’s been restful, for sure. We’ve only gone out to eat once, and the rest of the time we’ve just lain around reading, snacking, playing with the puppy (well, hubby played with the puppy), and watching t.v. The weather has cooperated, for the most part…had a couple of rainy days. But considering how little we did, the weather wasn’t really a factor. So today my friend Terrie is coming here and the three of us are going fishing off the pier…. Continue reading

Empty Nest, Interrupted

It was wonderful while it lasted. Three years ago, when our daughter moved into her own home with the boys, I wasn’t sure I’d make it. I missed them, and I worried about them. Over time, though, we got used to them being gone. It was right that Jenni and the boys should be in their own home. Life settled into a comfortable pace for us. I came home each evening to a house that was in the same condition as when I left it that morning. I also had a chance to decompress from work without walking into a… Continue reading