Life Under Construction – Aroma

When I was a little girl, our step-father took all us kids to a Christmas Party sponsored by the American Legion. At some point in the program, the host called all the children at the party up to the stage to sing “Frosty the Snowman.” Once up there, everyone developed stage fright and the only person who actually sang was me. I remember standing there while a photographer took my picture for the next day’s paper and thinking how neat that was. Other than that instance as a child, I would say I have sung in public maybe a total… Continue reading

Hurry Home

So.  You had made good decisions for your life and your eternity. And then you went away to college. You went away to college, and all of a sudden you are smarter than your parents, your siblings, and all the folks who had a part in your life. You let people WHO DON’T KNOW OR CARE ABOUT YOU ridicule and challenge your beliefs, and you caved. In the name of higher learning, you became “too intelligent” for such absurdity as God and Christ. The people you once admired, you now snicker at them or cluck your lips at them. “How… Continue reading

Something Else That Scares Our Dog

We celebrated Dave’s birthday with our daughter and grandsons. It was a nice time, and good visit, and a fine celebration. After everyone left the house, Dave and I took our usual Sunday nap. The house was quiet, and Dave and I just lounged around and enjoyed the afternoon. I did notice, however, that our dog, Gracie, was acting strange. She kept pacing and jumping in the chair with Dave (not her usual behavior). She would go into the front den and lie down (not her usual sleeping place). Something was definitely amiss. Pacing, pacing, pacing–she was about to make… Continue reading

Unfulfilled Resolutions

Many years ago, I quit making New Year’s Resolutions. I never kept them, and all I did was end up angry at myself. For the year 2014, again I didn’t make any resolutions: except this one thing I was going to do—I was going to go to my mama’s house and spend as long as she needed to help her get her paperwork in order. I had been watching my husband working to get his mother’s papers in order, and her information was pretty much straight. Reba has already planned her funeral, written her obituary, picked out her funeral clothes,… Continue reading

“Meaching Our Riddle Age”

Reading in 1Kings, I came across the council of officials in the court of King Solomon. There were the usual—priests, secretaries, military leaders, head housekeeper, etc. And then, this jumped out at me: “and Zabud…was the king’s friend” (4:5). A friend. King Solomon had a friend on his council—an individual whom he could trust; someone who would tell Solomon what he needed to hear and not just stroke his ego. This friend was likely a person with whom Solomon discussed business. Maybe they stood on the high wall of Solomon’s palace, overlooking the kingdom, and shared quiet camaraderie. Perhaps on… Continue reading