The Finished Product

I was following a crafting group. It took over my Facebook feed and threw up at least 50 posts a day. That was okay, but what really helped me decide to stop following them is this comment on almost every single post: “I made this; I know it’s not perfect; what do you think? positive comments only.” I don’t know why, but something about seeing that insecurity over and over just finally got to me. We crafters truly are an insecure bunch. Honestly, there’s not a piece of work I do that ever completely satisfies me. I may be happy… Continue reading

The Enemy is a Liar

On several occasions I have noted that God sends the same focused message out to many pulpits and classrooms. I love it when He does that! They are timely for us; they were planned by Him.  Our church has lately gotten back to Sunday school and we are slowly working our way back from 2020. As one of the adult class teachers, I had considered the several study options available, but one kept rising to the top, a study on the lies of the enemy (“The Truth about Lies,” by Tim Chaddick). Not totally convinced about it, I took a… Continue reading

…Also Known as Borrowing Trouble

It used to be that the “what ifs” kept me awake at night. You can read about that here. That doesn’t happen a lot these days, and I find it pretty easy to transition from having slept in my recliner for two or three hours to getting right back to sleep in the bed. Nowadays, sleeplessness shows up at dawn–if dawn arrives at 4am. Waking up that early isn’t so bad. It’s an opportunity to sit in our quiet home and read the Bible and pray. It’s just that the time between that moment my eyes open and when I… Continue reading

Our “Adopted” Children

In addition to our own two children and five grandchildren, Dave and I have a number of young people we refer to as our heart children. They’ve come into our lives through the years and captured our hearts. We don’t know what it is that caused us to love them, but we can’t deny that God placed a deep love for them inside of us.  Most of them belong to happy, loving families, so it’s not like we feel the need to “rescue” them. For some of these young folks, it’s almost like the scripture that talks about souls being… Continue reading

Life Under Construction – Finding Peace

In my search for some peace of heart and mind during this life-altering time in history, I’ve been reading through the Psalms, searching for a balm to cover my grief. I’m not going to even try to explain how I feel about what is happening to our once beautiful and free country, because the proper words just won’t form. I know we each feel our own way about all that’s happening and how we should respond–and I’m not looking for platitudes or advice from folks–so I’ll leave this alone and get to the real point of my thought for today–I… Continue reading