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The Finished Product

I was following a crafting group. It took over my Facebook feed and threw up at least 50 posts a day. That was okay, but what really helped me decide to stop following them is this comment on almost every single post: \”I made this; I know it\’s not perfect; what do you think? positive comments only.\” I don\’t know why, but something about seeing that insecurity over and over just finally got to me.

We crafters truly are an insecure bunch. Honestly, there\’s not a piece of work I do that ever completely satisfies me. I may be happy with the design and the size, but as the creator of the article, I see the flaws and mistakes I made. I see where I missed that stitch. I see that uneven corner. I see it all. I\’ve gotten into a crochet project by dozens of rows and completely ripped the whole thing out and started over, sometimes with a totally different pattern in mind. You see the finished project; I see the finished project with the flaws. And I always pray that it is liked by the person to whom it is gifted, because it\’s made it with good intentions, patience, and much love.

Thankfully, God is not insecure about His finished product (and He doesn\’t make mistakes). He sees our lives from beginning to end. He sees our flaws borne from a sinful nature, and sometimes He rips into our lives to change the pattern (or allows it to happen), to make a \”purer\” person. It hurts, and sometimes those changes can be time-consuming. But ultimately, God knows what the final \”product\” will look like. If we allow our Father–who works His will in our lives with patience and perfect love–to make the adjustments needed, one day we will stand before Him a perfect, finished life. And we will hear Him say, \”Well, done.\”

It\’s all about Him, y\’all. May the work He does in my life cause me to show the world HIS workmanship.






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  1. teddybeargirl84 Avatar

    I am a creative too. I write and draw. I am my own worst critic as “I” see all the errors, but I know the person who reads a micro blog or looks at a drawing I post do not see what I see. Thanks for the refreshing reminder of this 🙂

    1. Claudette Wood Avatar

      You are welcome. Thank you for reading my blog and commenting. Keep crafting!

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