Life Under Construction – Aroma

When I was a little girl, our step-father took all us kids to a Christmas Party sponsored by the American Legion. At some point in the program, the host called all the children at the party up to the stage to sing “Frosty the Snowman.” Once up there, everyone developed stage fright and the only person who actually sang was me. I remember standing there while a photographer took my picture for the next day’s paper and thinking how neat that was. Other than that instance as a child, I would say I have sung in public maybe a total… Continue reading

Life Under Construction – Provision

It was a simple prayer, really. “Lord, the boys need better mattresses.” Then I set to work to find them. I downloaded an app my sister told me about, and I posted my needs. Within 72 hours, not only had I found what my grandsons needed; I had found them for FREE! And I made a couple new friends in the process. Not a big thing to most folks, I know. But confirmation, once again, that God cares about every detail of our lives. Is He good? Yes, He is. All the time.