Standing in Through Surrogacy, Final Installment

I was extremely interested to know how Cori handled the emotional aspects of carrying someone else’s child and then giving that child away shortly after birth. Her answer, below. I think this is the most common question I get asked, and for me the answer is easy — the baby is not genetically related to me; therefore it is easy to give the baby back to the parents when he/she is born. That is the short answer; here is the slightly more detailed one and one I use to explain the emotional process to the IPs who are sometimes concerned… Continue reading

Standing in Through Surrogacy, Part Two

So, what are the nuts and bolts of surrogacy? What led Cori to take that big step from interest to action? She explains: James 2:14 says that faith without works is dead. I have always been a practical Christian; if I see a need, I will fill it if I can. To me, that is not a case of praying and asking for God’s leading. He tells us several times in the Word that if we see someone hungry, feed them, if downcast, cheer them up and so on. I do pregnancy well; I have easy and quick deliveries —… Continue reading

Standing in Through Surrogacy

Several years ago, I met Cori on a Christian writers’ website. She was pregnant at the time, and as I became better acquainted with her, I learned that she was actually carrying the baby for someone else. I had heard of surrogacy before, but not usually in a good light, so I was curious. I asked some questions and learned that Cori considered what she was doing as a sort of ministry to families where the wife was unable to carry the child herself. Cori has actually gone through this process six times now. I’ve asked her to share her… Continue reading