Remember the t.v. show called 30-something? Well, the way today’s society is tiered, we now need a show called 50-something. I attended the surprise party of one of my friends who has just turned 50. Little does she know, turning 50 is going to be a bigger surprise than she could have ever imagined. Let’s work our way up to 50, though, shall we?


She came downstairs, rubbing her eyes and yawning into the new morning. We met in the kitchen, and she said, “Mom, I keep having this recurring nightmare. It’s just awful. I want it to stop.” “Can you tell me about it?” I asked. My antenna had gone up at the word recurring. I was really curious to hear what it was that her mind continued to play over and over as she slept. Her first response was that she didn’t want to talk about it; too depressing. Then she just couldn’t help herself, I guess, and out it all came.

Sunday Sunday

Here we are the beginning of another week. We are already almost finished with January. Can you believe it? This past week was not without its drama, but by now, my life would seem so meaningless if we didn’t have some drama, you know? Started out great. Jenni began her new job on Monday. She had been sick all weekend and rested as much as possible. Loaded herself up with medicine and headed out. I didn’t work Monday, and the boys were out of school, so we hung out at the house. Other than working out some afternoon details for… Continue reading

Today, Life is Good

I know, I know, life is always good. And you would be right to say so. I believe this. But this day–today–is especially good. On this day, I have both of our children in our home. Josh and Mel are down visiting from the beautiful state of Pennsylvania; and Jenni, who is my precious girl, is here as well. Well, actually, Jenni and the boys live with us, so she’s always here with me. And a blessing to have, I tell you. She knows how to get it done. So it’s going to be a great weekend. For the last… Continue reading

And So We Pray

Jenn has been out of work for nearly a year now. With three boys to care for, this has been very difficult for her. And when you count “deadbeat” dads who don’t support their children, or only throw a little money in the pot so they don’t end up in jail, it just adds to the stress. She went on a job interview a few days ago. It appears very promising. Please help us pray that job down for her. I have stormed the gates for several days now. I won’t quit. It’s actually a perfect job for her. It’s… Continue reading