Staff Meetings

Today we had our weekly staff meeting. It took about an hour to complete the business part of the meeting, and then the senior chaplain asked us to share where we were with God these days; how God was working in our lives as we entered the new year.

I shared with them my desire to leave an \”impression\” (see article below) on the world that points folks not to me but to Jesus. The other chaplain at the meeting remarked how very interesting it was that I should say that, because he was currently reading a book in which one of the chapters discussed impressions we leave. He decided to repeat an exercise talked about in the book and just the day before began writing his obituary. The other lady in our group talked about a book she was reading entitled Finishing Well and the thoughts she was developing as she read. Finally our senior chaplain shared what was happening in his life and the way that God was working.

As I sat there with these fine folks, it occurred to me that not everyone has such an opportunity as I have had the last year. I love my job! My co-workers have become good friends. They truly care about each other. I am able to pray on my job–in fact, it is the first responsibility I have each morning, as I call inmates to join me in prayer in the chapel. I can hand out Bibles. We get to tell guys that the community cares for them with the love of Jesus as we hand out socks, tee shirts, coats, and other clothing. By sharing Jesus with them, we offer hope for a better/different way of living once the guys leave the facility.

I also really enjoy watching the chaplains interact with the guys. They are so obviously called to what they do, and it shows in the care they exhibit.

My job is a lot of work, but it\’s meaningful work. Right up my alley. Love it, love it, love it.

I\’m a lucky girl.






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  1. Bobbie Avatar

    Sounds like the Holy Spirit was speaking the same message to you AND several of your co-workers this week. I love the way He does that.

  2. Claudette Avatar

    I’ve found that to be true more often than not. I just love it!

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