A New Phone

I was going to buy a new phone tonight after work. I walked into the Verizon store, where it appeared three young men were on duty. They had customers, so I walked around the store, looking for the particular phone I wished to purchase. One of the customers left. I continued walking around the store, looking at the phones, waiting for someone to speak. Even a simple, \”Good evening. Someone will be with you in a few minutes.\” But I got nothing. The fella who finished with his customer walked over to another one of the guys and began talking to him. It was as if I were invisible. I waited yet another minute and then left. Oh, well. Maybe I\’ll try a different store tomorrow. Maybe Verizon\’s business is so good they don\’t need my business or something. Hmm.

****Telephone update: went online and took advantage of their deals. Got a Droid x2 for $50, which everyone assures me is a great deal. So there, little bored boys in the store! I probably got a better deal online. Hmmph! 😛






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