diary entry – nate and josh

Number one grandson, Nate, is spending a few days with his uncle Josh. I’m sure they will have a lot of fun. I remember when Nate was born and Josh was coming to see him. He had said he’d be home in the morning. When i got up around 6:30 to help Jenni with Nate, i looked out the window and there in front of the house sat Josh, asleep in his car. He had been so excited to meet Nate that he drove down and got to our house about 5 in the morning. Not wanting to wake us… Continue reading

diary entry – blah day

i’m not sure why, but i feel a bit depressed tonight. maybe i’m just tired. nothing happened today to cause me to feel this way. in fact, the evening service was wonderful and worshipful. the teens did an excellent job of their number tonight. they performed under blacklight to Arise My Love. i tell you honestly, it was a very worshipful experience. more than one person was crying by the end of that number. so why do i feel sad? ah, maybe i’m just tired. i’ll feel better tomorrow, i’m sure.

The Wedding of Holly and Chris

After making sure that our grandson was safely tucked in his bed on Thursday (after his tonsillectomy), Dave and I headed off to Tennessee to the wedding of our niece, Holly. We traveled halfway and stopped outside of Knoxville for the night. aside:At the Holiday Inn Express, we slept on one of the most comfortable beds of our lives. If I could have figured out a way to get that mattress in our car, trust me, I would have done it. We arrived in Nashville Friday afternoon. The festivities began that evening with a ballgame and cookout, courtesy of Chris… Continue reading

Are My Tonsils Out Yet?

Today, number one grandson Nate had his tonsils and adenoids removed. This is a fairly routine procedure, and all went well. When we got to the tonsil-taking-out place, they took Nate back, put him in a little gown and gave him some 90-proof something or other to “take the edge off.” He told his mama, “I’m tired, and these warm blankets might make me go to sleep, but they aren’t gonna get me with this medicine.” Right. Then they let him choose the stuffed animal of his choice out of their toy barrel. He chose a chinchilla and proceeded to… Continue reading

The 80-Year Rule

Several girls in the youth group have “gifted” themselves with a tattoo upon turning 18. They get them on their shoulders, upper back, or neck. Just this weekend, I saw two new tattoos on my girls. “That looks pretty,” I told one of the girls. “And when you are an old woman, it will be really pretty down around your waist.” We all laugh, but come on, girls, we all know exactly where that tattoo is going to end up, right? Later that day, when I was talking to another youth leader about it, she told me that she has… Continue reading