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diary entry – nate and josh

Number one grandson, Nate, is spending a few days with his uncle Josh. I\’m sure they will have a lot of fun. I remember when Nate was born and Josh was coming to see him. He had said he\’d be home in the morning. When i got up around 6:30 to help Jenni with Nate, i looked out the window and there in front of the house sat Josh, asleep in his car. He had been so excited to meet Nate that he drove down and got to our house about 5 in the morning. Not wanting to wake us up, he just went to sleep in the car until we got up. Somewhere in my stack of pictures, i have one of Nate asleep on Josh\’s chest. It\’s where Nate slept the first six months of his life, on somebody\’s chest. We spoiled that child to pieces.

So Nate is with Josh. Josh will take him to the movies, to a ballgame, to play with the dog, and just generally teach him how a good man lives his life. I\’m glad Nate has Josh and Dave (hubby) to be examples for him. He has a real chance at succeeding in life with these two men to encourage him.






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  1. Paula Titus Avatar

    Awww, the softer side of Josh. I may have to use that against him (evil chuckle).

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