diary entry – blah day

i\’m not sure why, but i feel a bit depressed tonight. maybe i\’m just tired. nothing happened today to cause me to feel this way. in fact, the evening service was wonderful and worshipful. the teens did an excellent job of their number tonight. they performed under blacklight to Arise My Love. i tell you honestly, it was a very worshipful experience. more than one person was crying by the end of that number. so why do i feel sad?

ah, maybe i\’m just tired. i\’ll feel better tomorrow, i\’m sure.






2 responses to “diary entry – blah day”

  1. Paula Titus Avatar

    I do that too, get depressed for no apparent reason. It must be a woman thing.

  2. David Wagner Avatar

    It most certainly is not just a woman thing! And all the guys said… “amen”. It ebbs and flows, that’s for sure. Hang in there. As trite as it sounds, when I’m down I remember that certain flowers only grow in dark valleys. Look for those flowers!

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