Sunday Sunday

Here we are the beginning of another week. We are already almost finished with January. Can you believe it? This past week was not without its drama, but by now, my life would seem so meaningless if we didn\’t have some drama, you know?

Started out great. Jenni began her new job on Monday. She had been sick all weekend and rested as much as possible. Loaded herself up with medicine and headed out. I didn\’t work Monday, and the boys were out of school, so we hung out at the house.

Other than working out some afternoon details for the boys, we had it mostly figured out. Jenn seems to like the job, and it appears the other workers there like her.

Wednesday, Jenni ended up in the emergency room after describing symptoms that sounded very much like an aneurism in her head. Scary. He dad took her to Prime Care and then to the ER. That was about 3:30 in the afternoon. They got back home at 11:30 that night. Her cold from the weekend had become acute viral sinusitis, which caused her to experience a migraine headache. They gave her meds through an IV to take care of the headache, but told her she\’d just have to load up on ibuprofen for the viral infection. She called her job and they let her come in late the next day. It appears her job is not in any danger. For this we thank God.

She still feels a little punk, but she\’s a trooper–keeps on moving forward. I\’m proud of her.


Saturday, I spent the day washing clothes and doing some much-needed mending. That was actually fun. No, really. It was. I love being able to be in my house and get stuff done, and I\’ve been needing to get that mending done for a while now.

Didn\’t get my nap today. After church, I had to get ready for a training session for the jail volunteers who work with our ministry. That kept me out of the house until 5 or so. Too late to take a nap. So I\’ll hang out and watch football for a little bit and then I\’ll just turn in early.

I know. Ho hum. But this is my life.

So what good can I accomplish this week? What sort of impression will I make? What witness will I leave with folks? Stay tuned.






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