January 1, 2012

Good morning! Well, we made it safely through the night. I waited up for Jenni and the little boys to get home, and then we all turned in about 1:30am. It\’s going to be a beautiful day today. Heading out to worship in a while and then home to a nice, quiet afternoon. At some point, I have to take down the Christmas decorations. Does anybody else groan over doing that? I really enjoy seeing them up each year, but taking them down is such a chore.

A BIG shout-out must go to my precious daughter, Jenni, for getting our decorations up this year. If she hadn\’t done that, I\’m not sure they would have been put up at all. December is a very busy month at the ministry where I work, and I didn\’t get a real break until about December 23 to do much of anything else. I\’m pretty sure that I\’m not going to get her to take them all down, though, so I guess I\’ll be doing that today and/or tomorrow.

Time to get ready for church now.






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