It was an answer to prayer. God had confirmed it to me. So why didn’t it work out? …….. Many years ago I read a book written by the wife of a pastor. In the book, she relates the story of when she and her husband were temporarily living with the family of one of their churches. The pastor’s family was very poor and couldn’t even afford to buy stamps for their letters, so she prayed that God would supply her with stamps so that she could send a letter to her parents. One day, shortly after her prayer, their… Continue reading

Can’t Sleep

I just can’t sleep tonight. So much going on these days, you’d think I’d be exhausted. But what I do is start thinking about the next batch of things to get done and then I’m awake. Other things, too. Things I’ve told other family members not to dwell on and fret over, because the chances of some of the stuff happening is only 50/50 at best; yet here I sit, unable to sleep for the very same reason. I should learn to practice what I preach. Vacation Bible School this week, Sunday through Thursday. So I’m leaving work, heading over… Continue reading