Can\’t Sleep

I just can\’t sleep tonight. So much going on these days, you\’d think I\’d be exhausted. But what I do is start thinking about the next batch of things to get done and then I\’m awake.

Other things, too. Things I\’ve told other family members not to dwell on and fret over, because the chances of some of the stuff happening is only 50/50 at best; yet here I sit, unable to sleep for the very same reason. I should learn to practice what I preach.

Vacation Bible School this week, Sunday through Thursday. So I\’m leaving work, heading over to the church and setting up for that. Then home and get ready to do it all over again tomorrow. The being able to sleep part would help immensely at this point.

At work, I\’m trying to cram two weeks\’ worth of work into this week, as I\’ll be at youth camp next week. So many things to be sure I get done. AND I have to work Sunday for about three hours. Then I have to pack for camp.

Well, everyone\’s life is busy.

I plan to spend some time in August saying \”NO\” and doing as little as possible.

From there I plan to begin downsizing my responsibilities. My job takes a little more time than my old job, with having to work the occasional weekend as well as working a little later in the day. I love the job, so I don\’t mind the hours, but I\’m finding at my age that I just can\’t do as much as well as I\’d prefer. Sometimes I forget the simplest things, and it\’s just because there is so much to try and remember.

So I have to begin saying, \”sorry, I just can\’t do it,\” and letting someone else have the privilege–or it just doesn\’t get done. If it\’s important enough, hopefully someone will accept the challenge. If not, it just won\’t get done, I guess. I simply must slow down.


On another note, Dave is preaching through the book of Nehemiah right now. I\’ve just finished reading the book, and I can understand why he likes this story. Nehemiah was quite an admirable person. A man who trusted God, wanted to honor God, and who wasn\’t afraid to stand up for the right things. Even with all the lists of names, which are so easy to get bogged down in, it\’s a great story of a man who truly loved God. Those names were important to God, just as mine is. That\’s a comforting thought.

Guess I\’ll go try to sleep again. I have to be up in two hours to get ready for work.

It\’s all about HIM…






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