Hey dear friends. Hope you have all had a great week. After a LONG week of feeling pretty lousy, I am now on the mend and happy to be so.

I have a new project I\’m working on. You\’ve seen some of it on Facebook. I\’m scanning my pictures into my computer. Some of them were getting very faded, so this way if the picture eventually fades completely out, at least I have a digital copy. Some of the pictures make me smile, and some of them leave me feeling a little blue. I guess that\’s normal, isn\’t it? What i eventually hope to do with those pics is make some memory books. Pictures aren\’t really much good if all we do is hide them in a box.

I mean, why do we take pictures anyway? To capture a memory. And then we stick \’em in a box and forget about them. Honestly, how many years of memories do you have stuck in a box somewhere? Get them out of the box! Put them out for the world to see. Create picture wallpaper and cover a wall in one of your rooms (after you\’ve scanned them, of course). Upload them to your sites and show the world. Put \’em on something like snapfish and create one-of-a-kind books for your family and friends.

It\’s almost like catching up with old friends, in a way. Those \”Oh, I remember that day!\” moments can really be fun.

Anyway, that\’s what I plan to be doing for the next few weeks. I\’ll try not to go on and on about it. Just look at the pics, okay? Make a girl happy.






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  1. Pat Avatar

    I am so guilty of this! I have oodles and oodles of pics–stuck away. I always think I’ll get around to ‘that’ day. You know?I hope I will soon. You’ve inspired me girlie! Hugs,Pat

  2. Paula Titus Avatar

    I finally gathered all my pics into one spot, and felt like I accomplished something..lol I’m glad you’re finally getting yours organized, sounds like you have some great plans for them!

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