I Wonder

Stephen the deacon was full of the Holy Spirit, and he performed signs and wonders. And he became a target of the same mindset that had already crucified his Savior, Jesus. They set him up the same way they set Jesus up. But he refuted their false testimony by giving them a history lesson about God\’s chosen people–Israel.

When Stephen got up that morning I bet he didn\’t consider that it would be his last day on earth. But it was. Before the day was out, even with his testimony which proved his accusers were wrong about him, the powers that be had incited yet another crowd against another innocent man. Stephen died a very painful death by stoning.

Did he whine? No. Did he beg? No. The Word says he looked heavenward and saw the Son of God standing at the right hand of the Father. Jesus was preparing to meet Stephen. Stephen\’s face glowed with the vision. A few short minutes later, Stephen asked God not to count his murderers\’ sins against them, and he died.

We in America don\’t have people chasing us to the edge of town in order to stone us because we are a testimony against their lives. Don\’t be deceived, though. The enemy still hates us. Watch the news–every day the battle grows more heated.

I\’m not trying to be morbid, but you do realize, don\’t you, that …. well, you know. What sort of testimony do you hope to leave behind when that day arrives? Will you be able to look into the heavens and see the Son standing, waiting to welcome you home? Will your face glow from the encounter? Or will we hang our heads in shame, afraid to look our Savior in the eyes?

I wonder.






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  1. Paula Titus Avatar

    I agree, the battle does grow more heated day by day. They don’t use stones here, you’re right – seems words are the weapon of choice for many.

  2. Rita's Random Ramblings Avatar

    Powerful, powerful, words to think on! Hugs, Rita

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