Two Reviews of the 7Hours Series of books

The Last Night of Alton Webber (7 Hours series)

What a fantastic twist to the Seven Hour series of books! I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this book–the new approach to the character of Thomas Constant, the personalities of each of the characters as the storyline developed, and the surprise of coming up to the last moments of Alton Webber.

I believe my favorite line of the book was when Thomas spoke to Alton, \”Look how old you are.\” The conversation that followed was as if two old friends were conversing. Spell-binding!

And Brandt… the scenario with which he was presented if he had chosen a different path–\”a path that was only ONE CHOICE from becoming a reality.\” How many of us have wished we had made a different choice on a path at least once in our lives? To think that one decision can alter the course of your life was so vividly protrayed here that I actually sat for a while considering my own choices in life. Yes, it\’s that kind of story.

Thank you for a GREAT read. I couldn\’t have asked for a better way to end this series than that I received from this book.

I\’ll say it again, Oh, WOW! Folks, get these books and read them. You will certainly not be disappointed.

All of Our Dreams (7 Hours series)

There are probably a lot of people who have had some part of their lives altered by circumstances beyond their control. Many have had their dreams shattered irreparably and have been forced to alter their courses completely.

All of Our Dreams touches on the lives of two young people who are faced with life-shattering circumstances. How Luke chooses to survive the nightmare is to make his own reality; and even though his reality still isn\’t a perfect world, it\’s better than the truth he must ultimately must face.

In what was a surprise to this reader, Luke eventually came face to face with the reality of his life. As much as I read and tend to be able to predict the endings of many books, this ending caught me completely off guard. And I like being surprised.

Good job, Mr. Wilson. I look forward to reading more of your work.

I have enjoyed reading all seven of the books in this series. It has been interesting to see the character of Thomas Constant develop in the minds of the individual authors. Great reading!






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