This is What I Want (aka Pipe Dreams)

‎1. all news stations are biased, and if you don\’t believe that, then your eyes are not open

2. every politician lies, otherwise NO ONE would ever be elected based on what they really plan to do when they get in office (point in case–every president, congressman, senator, governor, etc., that this country has ever had)

3. good leadership makes a leader good

4. being a successful businessman should not be a negative, and since our government (all of whom we need to fire and start over) runs our country like a business, maybe we need someone who knows how to do that successfully

5. Romney is rich. Obama is also rich. They have \”portfolios.\” I have a portfolio, too–it holds all my bills i have to pay every month. when it\’s empty, i\’m broke. And also, WHAT IS WRONG WITH BEING RICH?

Here\’s my pipe dream…

I want to keep my money so that I can live without stressing every single month.

I don\’t want to have to pay taxes to OWN A DOG (or pay a fine if I don\’t have said pet spayed or neutered!) or FISH OFF THE SANDY BEACH ON THE OCEAN (who owns the ocean anyway?!).

I don\’t want to have to pay property taxes. I paid taxes on my car when I bought it, i paid taxes on my house and land when i bought it. i don\’t want to have to pay taxes every year for the same things I\’VE ALREADY PAID TAXES ON.

I don\’t want to pay taxes on food, clothing, etc., BECAUSE YOU ALREADY GOT MY MONEY WHEN YOU TOOK IT OUT OF MY PAYCHECK.

I don\’t want to have to pay taxes on my SOCIAL SECURITY check when i get to retirement age, BECAUSE THAT WAS A TAX YOU ALREADY TOOK OUT OF MY CHECK all the years i was working.

I want legislators to stop making laws that invade my car and my home and my personal life. i don\’t want to have to pay for the idiocy of the few.

I want my grandsons to be able to climb a tree without being told they are \”hurting\” the poor little tree as well as breaking some stupid city ordinance.

I want young men and women in the military to be paid decently. Then their families won\’t have to live off of welfare and food stamps while they are serving and fighting for our freedoms. All the while the Senate and Congress are giving themselves big raises and fancy retirement packages. Does anybody else think that that is rather backward?

I want people to use their brains and stop letting idiots tell them that calling a kid a name is bullying. kids need tougher parents, so they don\’t grow up feeling so sorry for themselves all the time. a \”nice\” society will never exist, no matter how many laws you pass.

(Addendum) And here\’s another thing I want: I want liberal government to stop making laws that keep me from getting the size of drink that I want at a restaurant or what kind of food I want. It is not ANY of their business if I want French fries with REAL salt on them. They shouldn\’t have so much power as to tell folks who own their own business what they can and cannot serve. WHY have we let them get away with so much of this c**p for all these years?!

Why do they get to tell someone they can\’t wear their clothes the way they prefer? I agree that wearing your pants down below your tail is stupid stupid stupid looking. Not to mention how stupid their gait is when they have to swing their legs around because their pants are hanging down. But if they can\’t wear their clothes the way they want, then how much longer am I to be allowed to wear my t-shirt that talks about my Savior? or my favorite politician? or my favorite food (which i like salted with regular salt)?








2 responses to “This is What I Want (aka Pipe Dreams)”

  1. Sue Avatar

    I have never understood why people use Mitt’s business success as a negative. I thought that was the American dream, otherwise the two parties could just go to a homeless shelter and pick two unknowns and we vote based on nothing.

  2. claudettehwood Avatar

    Couldn’t have said it better, Sue. But in campaigns, because our economy is SO bad, this is always a sticking point. And, it also speaks to the socialist mindset that says, you aren’t the only one who should have all that money you worked for. i should get some of it too, even though i didn’t work for it or even for my own money. GIMME, GIMME, GIMME!

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