Life Under Construction – Lessons I Wish I Had Learned Earlier in Life

Let me say this to all parents of young(ish) kids. Don\’t expect more from them than you do from yourself. If you can have a bad day, SO CAN THEY.

If you can make the \”occasional\” mistake without facing *the LOOK* and can expect total forgiveness, SO CAN THEY.

If they spill, have an accident in their bed, break something…just remember THEY ARE LITTLE KIDS, and have a lot to learn about balance and control. What happens when you spill something? You clean it up and move on. SO SHOULD THEY.

The very most important things your children should learn from you is, #1) God loves them unconditionally; #2) You love them UNCONDITIONALLY; and #3) IT\’S OKAY TO BE A HUMAN BEING WHO OCCASIONALLY MAKES MISTAKES, HAS BAD DAYS, BREAKS THINGS, etc.

Those are things… your kids are HUMANS. Treat those little souls like special, precious, irreplaceable LOVED kiddies. Also, if you don\’t make them nervous all the time with *the LOOK*, they might not break as much. Just sayin\’.

Off the soap box for now.

P.S. I get the extenuating circumstances, the willful behaviors that must be corrected, etc. You\’re preaching to the choir. I\’m not talking about that. Please understand what I AM talking about, and be the person your child always feels safe to be around.






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