Grandparent Redemption, Day 4

Papa\’s Day 4 Log…






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  1. shelleykrick Avatar

    These are hilarious posts. Dave didn’t look so hot today. How many more Grandparent redemption days are there going to be? Good thing for me that I don’t have grandchildren and at this point in his life, Cody doesn’t want children….yet. Thank goodness. I would be looking like Dave if I had grandchildren. How are you holding up Claudette? We need to see a video of you too! I’m still laughing from video and will probably chuckle throughout the day. At least the children are with grandparents so that Josh and Melinda do not have to worry. But, Melinda probably does anyway. It’s a Mom thing. Yes, Dave, I am sure that Josh took your talk with him to heart. Such an intelligent man and I am sure Melinda is intelligent too. Love you all!!!

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