Morning Prayer

Father, I don\’t know why You chose this way for Dave and me, and I can\’t testify that I always accept it with grace. Some days, I do accept what \”is\” with a shrug of my shoulders and a quick sigh. Other days, it just feels like a heavy weight, and my soul sighs long; stuff just feels hopeless.


Please just continue to give us grace to be faithful to Your calling, even though we don\’t understand it all. Because You are faithful, Father. Always faithful to us.

We each have our specific calling from You. Help me cling to that, and help me remember You are in control of it all; and You don\’t make mistakes.

Thank You, Father. I love You.






2 responses to “Morning Prayer”

  1. janewlawler Avatar

    He knows everything about you and Dave. He made you. He knows exactly what you need and His timing is always perfect. Most of always remember He loves you more than anything. You will never know just how strong His arms are until you just let go and fall into them after the weight of this world gets to be just to heavy.

    1. Claudette Wood Avatar

      I completely agree. God is in total control, and He loves us perfectly. If not for those strong arms, the weight of this world would have crushed us by now.

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