The Cure by Athol Dickson

How would you respond if someone offered you a pill that could cure your addiction instantly?

She dropped the envelope in the offering plate. The note inside it read, “May the Lord forgive me, I should have done this long ago. Whoever opens this, please give it to the pastor. He’ll know what to do. Tell him it will cure alcoholics, and I want everyone to have it. Tell him if they ever drink again, the urge will return stronger than ever. I used to think there was a way to fix that too, but now I know there isn’t. Anyway, this will cure them so long as they never drink another drop.”

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Nightmare by Robin Parrish

Okay, I’m afraid of ghosts. And I have to tell you, after reading this story, I am still afraid of them. In fact, I might believe in their existence more than I did before I began the book. I must say, my thought so many times as I read the book was, “why would anyone want to spend the night in a building known to be ‘haunted’?” That said, I thoroughly enjoyed the story line. And I love the last line of the book… “it isn’t what happens when you die, it’s what happens when you live.” When you read the book, you’ll understand that line perfectly.

If you enjoy stories about the afterlife, you will truly enjoy reading this book. Mr. Parrish has done a wonderful job with the subject.

You will also want to check out his 7Hours contribution, The Last Night of Alton Webber. Excellent!