Grief is not only found in the quietness of a house or a change of routine. Grief is loud with lamenting; it’s visible in its emptiness. And it is surely always with us once we experience it at its deepest level. Grief is real, and it is achy, and it is constant.

The Big 4-1!

For 41 years — nearly two-thirds of our lives — Dave and I have been married. When we began our marriage in our early 20’s, we made some important decisions: 1) God would always be the head of our marriage, and the center, as well; 2) the word “commitment” would be real in our lives

Sunday’s Here!

Check this out! Gaither vocal band For many years, I spent the week between Palm Sunday and Resurrection Sunday (Easter) with my favorite musicians—Dallas Holm, Sandi Patty, and Don Francisco.  Early in the week, Dallas Holm’s cd, His Last Days, was played continuously. The music took me through the week, with special focus on the night