Use Your “Inside” Voice

I recently subscribed to a program designed to help improve my writing skills. It checks grammar, punctuation, and voice, among other aspects. I dropped an article into the program and implemented all the changes it suggested. After completing that process and re-reading the article, I discarded the corrected post, because it left me with a bad taste in my mouth and little else. I could not find one ounce of \”me\” in that sterile, perfectly worded document.

I discarded the program, too, and here\’s why: while I understand that it\’s a good thing to have my spelling and punctuation proofed, I strongly resist the attempt to change my writing voice.

Every writer has their particular style. I write to touch people and encourage them. Rough and raw it may be, but if you get what I\’m saying from the emotion poured into my words, then it was for your benefit. Praise God! If I use a writing program that removes all of \”me,\” I may have a technically correct essay, but will it speak to my targeted audience?

My ultimate goal in writing is this: I want folks to know they aren\’t alone, that someone is going through the same situation, and mostly I want them to know that God is smack dab in the middle of the fray, and He\’s on our side. (the writing program wouldn\’t like \”smack dab.\” *wink*)

Have a good day, my friends.






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