Off-Roading With God-The Story Begins

Hey, y\’all, I\’ve begun a new page on my website, in which I intend to share the story of my life. It chronicles the \”adventures\” I have experienced and ultimately tells about the God who knew and loved me before I was born.

Many times we are led to believe that being a Christian–that being known by God–means we will never experience difficulties in our lives. One could only wish that were true. But the real truth is that Jesus told us we\’d have difficulties, some of which would be very bad. He also told us that He would never leave us. That\’s the real truth. It\’s why I can tell my story. Because through all the bad that happened, God was always there. I might not have known that at the time, but I came to understand the truth of it as I learned more about Him. It\’s not an easy story to tell, but if my story helps even one individual relate, if it helps even one individual know they are not alone and that God is there and knows and cares and …

Anyway, go here, and let the story begin!







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