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  • Off-Roading with God-The God Who Loves Me

    I\’m writing in snatches, I know. Eventually it will all be shuffled, sorted, and placed in some order. Writing it down helps. Today\’s snippet gives glory to the only One who deserves it–the God who has always loved me, even when I didn\’t know Him. Me…He loved me. He loves you, too. The God Who…

  • Off-Roading with God–Mama

    My mama. She was beautiful, talented, and terribly unhappy for too many years of her life. Click here to read about my Mama.

  • Off-Roading With God-The Story Begins

    Hey, y\’all, I\’ve begun a new page on my website, in which I intend to share the story of my life. It chronicles the \”adventures\” I have experienced and ultimately tells about the God who knew and loved me before I was born. Many times we are led to believe that being a Christian–that being…