Quiet Around Here

My daughter is spending a few days with a friend here in town. She has her boys with her, so it\’s very quiet in the house. It\’s almost so quiet I don\’t know what to do with myself. Last night I sat in my chair and snoozed through a couple shows. Tonight, as you can see, I\’m playing on the computer.

So this is what life would be like if they didn\’t live here–quiet. No noise, no mess, no wild little boys who, at the end of the day, are just so precious to me. It\’s good, this few days of quiet and rest. It\’ll help me prepare for the chaos that most surely will come when they all return to the house. Perhaps I will find myself to be more patient by the time they get back home. Perhaps they will be different… nah, forget that.

I guess I\’ll go fold some clothes or wash some dishes now.

Or maybe I\’ll just take a little snooze here in my chair.

Ah, decisions, decisions….






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