Let\’s Pretend

so last night our daughter picked up grandson #1 around midnight. hubby couldn\’t sleep because he had taken a 3-hr nap earlier and was wide awake. i was very tired, because i had been doing stuff all evening and had not taken a break. so after nate left, we went to bed. so hubby decides he wants to snuggle and talk. so far, so good. then he decides to play a game of \’pretend.\’

him: let\’s pretend we are marooned on an island (just watched Castaway), and we are sleeping on the beach. we\’re covered with coconut leaves (?). there are little sand crabs nibbling at your toes.

me: let\’s not pretend the sand crabs, ok?

him: ok. let\’s pretend the stars are out, the wind is blowing a sweet little breeze, and the fire is stoked for the night. let\’s pretend…….

me: let\’s pretend you\’re mute.

after five full minutes of LOUD belly laughing, he finally turned over and let me go to sleep. bless his heart, i love that guy. but DON\’T mess with my sleep.






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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    LOL-yall should be husband and wife comedy team!! Aunt Bevy

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