I needed my husband this evening. It\’s been a stressful day, finding out that my work hours had been cut, which will mean a good bit of belt-tightening for a while. I\’m up for that; we can make it, but I so wish my husband had been here to be with me when I got home. Instead, he was at the hospital sitting with a family whose loved one was in surgery. It\’s what pastors do, and I don\’t begrudge him that one bit, nor do I begrudge the family wanting him there.

It\’s just that every now and then, I miss him. I have to share him with so many people, and sometimes he\’s so drained when he gets home that he doesn\’t really want to talk or interact. He just wants to sit. He\’s a good pastor. He\’s a better husband. He\’s many things to many people.

And sometimes, I just miss him.






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  1. David Wagner Avatar

    I hear ya. Wish I knew what to say. I admire your commitment and faithfulness.

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