Life Under Construction–Home School Style

Recently, Dave and I made a retirement-altering decision regarding one of our grandsons. After learning that he has made it all the way through 5th grade without knowing his multiplication table, how to divide, basic parts of speech, etc., we have decided we will home school him for a year with the prayer for bringing him up to speed with his contemporaries–and who knows, maybe even surpass them!

When we talked to \”A\” about this, he loved the idea immediately. He simply can\’t learn in a classroom environment. Some of it is his inability to sit still for more than two minutes (yes, we tried those brain-dulling medicines; they calmed him down, but rendered him unable to process information); some of it is the fact that teachers are dealing with full classrooms of kids, some of whom don\’t speak English; some of it is that \”A\” acts out because he wants to take attention off the fact that he isn\’t learning, so they just put him in the back of the room and let him simmer while they teach other kids. I\’m not blaming the teachers–i know they have a hard job. There are many factors involved in the situation, but it simply cannot continue.


One on one is what this kid needs for a while. We intend to offer that to him, and we plan to teach him the way his mind processes info. We are looking forward to an exciting year for us all!

Please pray for us as we undertake this opportunity. We home schooled our own kids for nine years, so we know it\’s a real commitment.

For those who might be concerned about \”socialization\” I say, we tried that for seven years. It\’s got him where he is today. He\’ll be fine.






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